What type of wheels suit 4×4 cars

Part of being a good car enthusiast is being able to recognize the many types of wheels that are available and what they are best suited for. For example, on-road wheels would be best for touring or driving on concrete or tarmac. However, off-road wheels would be better suited in areas where there is mud or soft rock as they grip better than alloy rims. 4×4 cars should have steel or alloy rims with a 45 degree offset, while SUVs and vans should have 35 degree offset.


In addition to the previous two considerations, there are many other factors to consider when looking at wheels; such as rims being undamaged and completely clean, fitment of tyres around the rim, the colour and type of material the rims are made from, the overall quality of finish and attention to detail. Let’s have a look at some examples of what these factors can mean for you.

1. BBS alloy wheels


The BBS RS is a really cool style of off-road wheels that feature a 5 split-spoke design and are available in three different colours. These are 17×7 to fit the front and 19×8 to fit the rear of 4×4 cars, while they can also be fitted to SUV’s and vans. The unique thing about these alloy rims is that they include studs, which are used when driving on soft rock or mud. To help you identify the difference between these and other types of wheels, the spokes of this alloy wheel are made from a urethane that is black in colour.


2. BBS RS-R (red)


The BBS RS-R is the track version of the BBS RS, which means that it features the same 5 split-spoke design as before but with a road legal colour scheme. These alloy rims are also available in 17×7 and 19×8, as well as fitting 4×4 vehicles such as SUVs and vans. The unique thing about these wheels would be that they come with studs to enable use on soft rock or mud and are available in red.


3. American Racing AR-883 alloy wheels


These alloy rims are designed to fit 4×4 wheels Australia vehicles, SUVs, and vans. Unlike the previous two examples, these are only available in one colour scheme, which is black. These wheels also feature the same 5 split-spoke design as the BBS RS but come with a beadlock finish that features tiny beads between each of the spokes.


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