Australia is known for its splendid beauty and rugged charm. But if backpacking in the Outback and staying in tented quarters is not what you are looking for, then you should consider, staying in style in one of the many accommodations that Australia has to offer:

For example; 400 miles north of Sydney, Australia is Byron Bay, offering over 300 accommodations ranging from hotels and motels, to B & B’s. With its pristine beaches, and laid-back life-style, Byron Bay is a popular choice for many. Almost every month will find a fun schedule of events within Byron Bay.

For a real down-under adventure, turn toward Noosa, Queensland. Stay on one of the unspoiled beaches. Book yourself into one of the many resort- style lodges found there. Total relaxation while surrounded by lush green hinterland makes this a time to remember.

Surfing the internet is fun, but surfing Surfers Paradise is far more rewarding. With beaches that seem to stretch endlessly before you, Surfers Paradise accommodates the pleasures of young and old. In the 21st Century this quiet resort area has turned into a bustling center for tourists and draws surfers from around the world. Apartments, beach houses, holiday homes and gracious B&B’s all stand ready to accommodate your needs.

Care for a little cheese with your wine? Turn toward Hunter Valley where you can sample fine wines and exotic cheeses. Stay at a comfortable and affordable B & B, or reserve a spot in a more modern facility. Accommodating both your palate and your need for relaxation, Hunter Valley offers it all.

Known as a luxury holiday resort, Port Douglas offers you everything from deluxe accommodations to simple down- under hospitality. One the biggest draws is the Great Barrier Reef.

While you are in Port Douglas, be sure and visit the Shipwreck Museum. For as the Great Barrier Reef has called to many tourists and travelers, it has also claimed many a great ship of the past.

True Australian hospitality resides also in the beautiful resort town of Coffs Harbor. Accommodations there range from comfort hotels, to time-shares, apartments, and deluxe lodgings.

Want to stay in simple style? Phillips Island will accommodate your needs. Dotted with many campgrounds, Phillips Island allows you to get back in touch with nature.

Whatever your needs may be, Australia has the capacity to fulfill them, because Australians are known to be very accommodating