What Can Chiropractors Help With?

Werribee Chiropractors can help with multiple different conditions rather effectively. Anything from neck pains to chronic pains, they can help you with. So, what can chiropractors help with exactly?


Back Pain


Back pains are a common thing that chiropractors deal with. In order to treat this, they manipulate the spine so that the pain is relieved. After coming back to the chiropractor for a couple of weeks, your pain will either be gone completely are reduced significantly.


Neck Pain


Chiropractors help to relieve neck pain by loosening the joints of the vertebrae in your neck. This is called cervical manipulation, and it can relieve pain caused by any muscle spasms or pinched nerves. To do this, chiropractors twist the neck sharply to snap the vertebrae into alignment.


However, you shouldn’t do this yourself. Chiropractors are trained professionals, so just because you know how they do it doesn’t mean you should do it to yourself or someone you know. You may end up injuring them or yourself. Just leave it to the professionals.


Shoulder Instability


If you feel like your shoulder is about to dislocate, you should go to a chiropractor. They can treat it and suggest exercises to help you maintain your shoulder is the correct position.


If left untreated, the ball of the joint could slide out of place slightly, resulting in shoulder subluxation, and eventually dislocation. It’s best to get this treated as soon as possible.




Headaches differ in intensity, from small and annoying ones to extremely painful migraines. However, chiropractors can help get rid of them through spinal manipulation. Any tension in the neck can be released and help to get rid of the headache.


Pinched Nerves


Pinched nerves can be a major problem for all ages. They can cause a large amount of pain and hinder your movement. Going to a chiropractor will help to get rid of it over a period of time, but you’ll also have to do your part.


A chiropractor can help adjust your body so the nerve is no longer pinched, but you’ll have to keep coming back for a bit until your nerve has no risk of being pinched any longer. You’ll also have to do exercises that the chiropractor gives you if you want to be able to move as easily as before.


If you don’t treat a pinched nerve soon enough, then it may severely hinder you in everyday life. Getting it treated as soon as possible is the best thing for you to do.

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