Where to go skiing in Hakuba, Japan?

If you are visiting the village of Hakuba in Japan during winter season, you must go skiing. A lot of travellers from different parts of the world have been going to New Zealand and Australia for ski adventures. Not many people are aware of or visit Japan for skiing there. It is a completely different feeling to ski in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you have decided to go there, you must know where to go skiing in Hakuba, Japan. It is very convenient to visit the village of Hakuba. You can fly down to Tokyo and from there take a train to Hakuba or opt for a combination of train and bus.


Once you have reached the village, you must know where to go skiing in Hakuba, Japan. Concisely, there are fifteen ski courses among three ski areas which you can choose – Alps-daira, Iimori, and Tohmi. If you have no prior experience of skiing or you are new to the sport then you may consider visiting Iimori or Tohmi. These places are also ideal for people with families and kids. Also, you can go for skiing at night time. On the other hand, if you are an experienced skier then Alps-daira is the right place for you. This ski track stays functional for the longest time.


The snow season in Hakuba lasts for about 5 months starting from the end of November or early December till the end of April. The peak season is during the months of January and February when you can find several skiers enjoying the snow tracks. You must also note that the prices will be higher during the peak season especially during Chinese New Year.


Now that you know where to go skiing in Hakuba, Japan you should start planning for your travel plan Hakuba ski resorts adventure and head over for some Japanese ski experience.

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