What is a telehandler-know its uses and benefits

If you are working in the construction industry then you need to find out what is telehandler hire rates so that you can use this equipment for a wide variety of purposes. A telehandler is important hydraulic machinery that is used in the agriculture, mining and construction sector. It is used for undertaking tasks at hard to reach places because no other equipment can do these tasks as efficiently as the telehandler. It comes with a telescopic boom that helps in lifting and moving heavy loads without putting in a lot of effort or involving too much of labor.


A telehandler is also known as a forklift, telescopic handler or boom lift that serves the purpose of carrying on heavy-duty tasks involving heavy loads. You also have the option of adding different attachments to this equipment for increasing its efficiencies like the winch, basket, bucket, and forks. These attachments can be changed according to the different functions so that you can carry them out in an efficient and safe manner. There are a large number of potential functions performed by this equipment as it is a combination of crane, forklift and work platform together.



The use of this versatile and efficient lifting machine will help in lifting heavy objects to heights so that your tasks will be completed efficiently. Moreover, the different attachments also help in completing a wide variety of jobs within a short span of time. You can easily use this equipment in a diverse range of environments and terrains. The use of this equipment eliminates the need for using multiple machines because it performs the functions of all the machines together. Hence, it eventually helps in minimizing the effort and time taken for performing any tasks so that heavy loads and tasks will be performed efficiently and within a short span of time.

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