Find Out Why Hamilton Island Is Worth Visiting

The Beauty Of Hamo


Hamilton Island, or Hamo, as the locals endearingly call the island, is one of the most popular islands in Whitsundays, Queensland. It is the busiest and the biggest island among the 74 islands in the area. Do you know why it is the busiest? It is because of all the beautiful and amazing things everyone can see and do in this truly idyllic island.


Hamilton Island is home to rich marine life, clean teal waters, and breathtaking white beaches and these wonderful gifts of nature are what make the island the most visited destination in Australia.


With just over 1,000 residents, Hamilton Island is like a paradise that will take you far away from the busy life. It has lots of accommodation selections, supermarket, post office, and it also has its very own airport which makes it a convenient place for everyone to visit.


When you visit Hamilton Island, make sure that you don’t miss the unforgettable and spectacular Whitsundays sunset, the awesome luxury resort qualia, and the out-of-this-world Great Barrier Reef.


So, Is Hamilton Island Worth Visiting?


Yes! If you’re living in the other parts of Australia or if you’re entirely a foreigner to the country, you should definitely visit the Hamilton Island because it is worthy, it is beautiful, and it is amazing.


Here are some of the many reasons why the Hamilton Island is worth visiting:


1) Experience the Great Barrier Reef


As mentioned above, if you visit one of the accommodation in Hamilton Island, you should never miss the Great Barrier Reef. Why? The Great Barrier Reef is like the ultimate sea paradise. It is home to abundant coral reefs and beautiful coral formations and to hundreds of fish, manta ray, and turtle species. You can book a diving tour, a snorkeling session, a seaplane flight, or you can go on a day trip on a boat to immerse in the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.


2) Enjoy the free guest activities


Whether you’re young or much younger, Hamilton Island has the best and free activities that you will definitely enjoy. You can swim and have fun in the three resort pools. You can join the games at the Catseye Beach like the Kids Fun Zone. You can play Family Feud and Trivia with your friends and family. In the evening, you can listen to live music or watch Moonlight Movies. All of these are for free!



3) Watch the Hamilton Island Race Week


Happening in August, the Hamilton Island Race Week will include 250 yachts and thousands of crowds who will revel in the festivity. Aside from the amazing fleet, the Race Week will also hold fashion events and other celebrity-filled activities.

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