Best Tyres For Your 4×4 Trip Around Australia

A 4×4 vehicle requires more attention when it come to having to find the right tyres. A 4×4 car operates differently to other vehicles which either powered by front or rear wheels. 4×4 also are used for off-road more often than not; this means that their tyres should be designed to handle any surface that they might encounter.  We recommend Ozzy Tyres when shopping online in Australia  for 4×4 Tyres.

The perfect Tyres For 4×4 Vehicles:
When considering buying tyres for your 4×4, you have to make sure that you purchase the tyres from the same manufacturer and that the tyres are the same size and type. It is very important that you make sure that you do not mix tyres from various brands. Tyres from various brands might be the same size, but could differ in dimension; this will affect the handling of your vehicle.

If you are buying a used vehicle that is already fitted with tyres that are of different brands, it is advisable for you to measure the radius of the fitted tyres to ensure that they are the same size. If the diameters match, that is good, but still not enough. The different tyre brands all have their own unique operating parameters. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but all of this affects the operating of the driving system. This means that if all these things don’t match on all for tyres, your vehicle is not as safe as it should be.

The last thing you need to consider, depending on where you live has dedicated tyres for winter and summer conditions. This could be important, as your summer tyres might not be as safe on the road during the winter snow.

To summarize it all for you in a quick sentence. It is best that the wheels of your 4×4 are the same brand, type, and size. Feel free to look at the manual of the vehicle to see the recommendation of tyres from the vehicle manufacturer. Whatever you decide when buying tyres, make sure that your efforts are to make your car as safe as possible to drive.

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