Removing TripAdvisor Reviews

There are many reasons. A business may want to know how to remove trip advisor reviews off their Business page. If there is an inaccurate account of an experience that is bringing distractions. The distractions can be the reason to delete the review and also the reason why 90% percent of people avoid going to your site because of it. Nonetheless, even if you wanted this to be an end, all be all, it can’t. TripAdvisor doesn’t allow you to delete a review yourself. You must first contact a manager that is over the accounts and choose between two options.

Making the First Contact With the Customer

-Contacting the customer and clearing up any confusion, and getting the second review.
-Mark this review as not real.

Like a customer service manager, listing managers should make it a habit to respond to a review. This is the first step to resolve the issue. Let the customer know how thankful you’re for their input. This can be a step in the right direction for and your account. Once you have done this, You will be able to resolve the issue.

Customer Service is the Name

Let’s say you were able to convince them to come back again. Now your next step should be to have them update the negative review. Here where it gets good for you. The user can’t edit the review; they can only delete it and post another review.

Steps to remove your customer review ( Customer Point Of View)

1. Login to your account, and navigate to your profile screen.

2. Once on your profile screen, navigate to your review, once you have found it. Click on the three dots you see, by the review. It’s usually at the top right-hand part of your review.

3. Select the delete option. At this point, TripAdvisor will have you confirm your choice. You will have to press the delete button again, and at this point, the review is gone. You should have a confirmation email waiting in your inbox.

In this article, we covered how to remove trip advisor reviews from your business account, and how the customer can navigate to delete/change their review.

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